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Good afternoon,

I'm having big Issues for some reason No apple apps will launch ie mail or safari. they just sit in the dock and need to be forced quit .. I have this morning repaired the permissions, I can only do this from a disk as disk utilities won't even launch and have done a clean install of the Panther

I don't know what to do.. I'm very busy and this is really stressing me out.




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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,535member
    Sorry, but it sounds serious.

    Have you logged out and back in?

    Have you rebooted?

    Reboot while holding down command-S. This will give you instructions for running fsck which is another way to check and repair the HD directory.

    If this says the disk directory is OK but it still doesn't work then I think you'll have to reinstall. I had one problem like this last year where one item in the system would not work. Everything checked out OK but it wouldn't work. I wrote this off to a random disk error that corrupted something on the disk. I reinstalled and it has been fine since then.

    Once it is working I'd get smartreporter from versiontracker. This reads some diagnostic data from the HD and can, in some cases, give you a heads up in advance of disk failure.
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    Well I figured it out.. It stems from a continuing problem of fonts.

    well I just started over and the machine runs fine now..

    Now i guess I need to figure out how to properly manage fonts!

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