iTunes Buffer Underrun

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I'm trying to help out another Mac user and have not a clue as to how to solve this problem.

I have a friend with an iMac G4. When he tries to burn a playlist to CD at 2x with no other applications running the computer consistenly pumps out unusable disc with buffer under run errors. He says the problem started right after one of the OS X or iTunes updates (not sure which). Has any one else ever run into this problem? ???


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    Yes, it was really weird. I have been having some CD burning problems lately.

    How did I resolve most of these issues...

    1) Kept the burning speed at "Maximum possible"

    2) Use better quality CD's
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    alcedesalcedes Posts: 23member

    Originally posted by MPMoriarty

    2) Use better quality CD's [/B]

    So you mean there was a corelation between the type of CD's you used and the occurance of a buffer underrun error? That's weird. I've seen errors occur when using cheap CD's but they were always something about "power calibration."

    But thanks, I'll try different CD's and see what happens.
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    alcedesalcedes Posts: 23member
    Okay, we tried CD's from several name brands including some that Apple suggested. Same result. I am begining to wonder if there is something physically wrong with the drive. Does any one know of a way I can test this?

    Man, if only this drive were removable I could swap it with another to do a test
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    Ok, make sure you have good media, plenty of RAM, burn speed set correctly, and check the following links...

    This one

    And this one
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