TS: 12 new Pro Apps! OMFG!!!!!!

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I KNEW it! The Protools killer app is coming!!!!

Almost certain at this point is that new versions of DVD Studio Pro and Shake will be delivered alongside the new version of Final Cut Pro, along with very likely an upgrade to Motion. Sources continue to point to at least one completely new pro video application, and rumblings have increased recently that a totally new pro audio application will debut as well.

Our latest Apple code-name count for NAB comes in at twelve, although associating those code names with their respective products is a trickier task, and not all of those applications will necessarily roll-out at NAB itself.

Along with those mentioned in our previous story -- Happy Meal (the new Production Suite), Stagecoach (possibly Final Cut Pro 5 or DVD Studio Pro), Tuvalu (possibly DVD Studio Pro or Motion), Arizona, and Oahu -- we have Alien (possibly Final Cut Pro 5), Cayo (possibly LiveType), Cirrus (possibly Compressor), and Rushmore to add to the list, while other Apple products that are in development, code-named Fight Club, Dolly, and Antigone also appear tied to Apple's pro apps strategy. An application code-named Predator, mentioned in our previous report, has had its release date pushed back from April to August, sources indicate.

It's important to note that not all of these applications are necessarily stand-alone. Final Cut Pro HD (4.5), the current version, also installs Cinema Tools, Compressor, LiveType, and Soundtrack, for instance. Some of those applications, such as Cinema Tools and Soundtrack, were previously available on their own but have been wrapped into Final Cut Pro along the way.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    I heard a rumor that Apple was looking at a new groundbreaking app called FinalTouch HD. The system does high end color correction for $5k and it requires a damn fast Powermac and XRAID.

    Doesn't really sound likely but then you take a look at the box

    and I'll be damned if it doesn't already look like an Apple product. NAB 2005 is going to be interesting.
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