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Sort of a dumb question, however, how many versions of the airport are there?

Are the Airport Extreme and the Airport base station the same thing? What I basically want is something like the Airport Express that will send what I am playing in iTunes to a stereo system. Must one be on a network to use the Airport Express?

Also, are there any Bluetooth devices equivalant to the Airport Express in terms of sending iTunes to a stereo system?


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    There are two extant "airport" types, Airport and Airport Extreme. These refer to the earliest verstion of the airport cards and its iterations and the later type of airport card, referred to as "Extreme." You can check which one is in your machine by looking under the "About this Mac" item under the pull-down Apple menu in OSX and then clicking under the More Info button and proceeding from there.

    AirPort Base Station was first issued "straight", but is now available as "Airport Extreme"

    AirPort Express is the mobile version.
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