Comparative test of iPod->PC transfer softs

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Hi every1,

I was looking for a software that would get my music back from my ipod to my computer after a hard drive crash.

I?ve tested 8 programs that can transfer music from an iPod to a computer : sharepod, xport, ipod music liberator, copypod, anapod explorer, ipod folder, ipod access, ipod agent, ephpod.

I would say 3 of them are better than the rest : sharepod, ephpod, copypod

Sharepod is cool, because it?s the smallest and it?s installed on the iPod itself. It?s simple and once it?s installed, the iPod can transfer music to any computer. Its weak point is that it?s not able to backup playlists and ratings.

Ephpod is cool for its numbrous functions : of course it backs up the songs, but it?s also able to get radio programs such as news on radio websites and also weather forecast. Once again, the backing up of playlists is a problem, because it creates folders that don?t exist in the iPod folder structure.

Copypod is cool because it?s the only one of the 8 programs I tested that backed up the content of my iPod exactly as it was, without adding or removing any file or folder.

Altogether I would recommend this one, because that?s exactly what I was looking for, a backup software that respects the folder structure of my iPod and also gets the playlists and ratings.

Of course, it?s a personnal expectation, but I hope these lines will help anyone make his choice whatever he is looking for.

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