Apple acquires Schemasoft??

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Looks like iWork is going to have much more powerful features in the future.

Schemasoft looks to be a company that provides tools for converting a lot of formats. Like Dataviz Extreme or something. Looks like they are big into XML and other formats. I hope we get more information about what this company offers that Apple likes.


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    well, it's official now, as apple has made a statement on the acquisition (just posted on macminute, via cnet).

    sounds like apple got tired of reverse-engineering other people's formats, and have gotten a company that specializes in it to take the heavy-lifting off their hands.

    steve once said, by being the minority in the market, apple must be the most compatible platform to be viable. seems like he's found himself a horse to hitch to.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    I think this is a clever pickup. Apple won't mention it but they can use this in far more areas than just iWorks. Hell they could evolve PDF kit to make a PDF writer that exceeds the functionality of Adobe's own.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    Man they wiped out the website already.
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    MS, Adobe and Corel were customers of SchemaSoft. (As was Apple).

    How will this affect them?
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    what about a vpc like app by apple??? or include it in a mac os
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    jlljll Posts: 2,713member

    Originally posted by NOFEER

    what about a vpc like app by apple??? or include it in a mac os

    That would be one of the worst moves in history of Apple.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by JLL

    That would be one of the worst moves in history of Apple.

    Oh, but if they licensed OS X to run on clones, that would make it all better!

    *ducking, running*

    On topic, I agree that this goes farther than iWork. Apple already built the ability to read and write .DOC format into the OS. This could potentially build the equivalent of MacLinkPlus into the OS, with the likely side effect of making any schema used to translate a format available to Spotlight.

    This could provoke a tidal wave through the industry... of frightened software houses (who haven't already done this) patenting their file formats, and/or adding a clause to their EULAs prohibiting anyone from reverse engineering their file formats for compatibility.

    Who, me, cynical? Naaaaah.
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    I really hope this points to further iWorks refinement. Pages is great, but I really need an Excel/DB type app to give up Microsoft completely. And while it's true that Apple already supports .Doc files, it doesn't do so particularly well. It would be nice to see a more feature rich conversion.
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