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Hi there,

I'm going to switch soon...

I have a question about webdesign software. Right now I design websites for fun and I am doing a few projects for company's on the side. I'm using dreamweaver, fireworks and paintshop pro to design the sites. I also use cute ftp pro to upload my sites.

Are these programs available for mac or are there any good alternatives? My budget is limited...




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    Try Freeway Pro

    Here is the link

    I use it all the time and using it you can create very professional web sites very easily, DTP like interface, support for Flash, etc, lots of plugins available (called Actions) and very inexpensive. I think its great.
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    Originally posted by segovius

    It's been said before but it always bears repeating: BBedit.

    I know maybe you want an app rather than a text editor but if you are going to get serious about website design on the mac then BBedit is a must imo.

    Also Transmit is the FTP solution.

    Fireworks is available and it rocks - especially jpeg compression, absolutely kills Photoshop's engine.

    bbedit is a great app, no doubt, but not everyone wants to jump right in and learn how to write html. coding does not come as easy for everybody. dreamweaver gives you the access to both the visual layout and the source code. allowing you to decide how to handle each task. plus its ability to manage a site is very useful. and yes deluxe, dreamweaver is available for both mac and pc as well as those stated above.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Dreamweaver does everything that BBedit does, with CSS rendering included.
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    celcocelco Posts: 211member
    Dreamweaver has basic FTP built in. CSS is really simple there.

    Best of luck in the pro world. Welcome to AI
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    one other tool you should check out that i recently discovered is the web developer tools extension for firefox. one of the cooler uses that the web developer tools allow you to do is to modify the css file of any page that you are viewing in real time. very handy especially since firefox is one of ther most standard compliant browsers out there. get your shit looking good in it first then tweak/hack for other less capable browsers. it will save you a ton of time in the long run. both the browser and extentions are free.
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    jdradenjdraden Posts: 89member
    I use Adobe Photoshop CS and Dreamweaver MX 2004 to design and work with my band's website, and am very happy with both of them. I use Dreamweaver to upload my files via FTP, I don't think you need a seperate application for that.
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    deluxedeluxe Posts: 3member
    Thanks for your help, seems like I don't have to worry about this anymore
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