Kernel Panic when plugging in power adapter

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I have been experiencing a weird behavior with my iBook G4. When I am running out of battery power and receive the "Running on backup power - recharge battery" notice, I plug in the power adapter like I usually and 50% of the time I receive a kernel panic.

I have reparied permissions and trashed all caches and nothing seems to do the trick at fixing this issue.

Any suggestions?



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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,529member
    If you are under warranty call Apple and discuss it with them.

    I'd also try repairing the drive directory. You can boot with the install CD and find the drive repair software under the File menu (I think). Or you can boot and hold down command-S and type fsck as suggested.

    If that shows nothing wrong then I'd try to reset the power manager. If you search the knowledge base there is a document to explain how to do this. Something like shut down, remove the AC adapter, remove the battery and then push some special button.

    There may be some other options. As a last resort I'd reinstall OS X.
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