Disappearing/changing icons

in macOS edited January 2014
Has anyone else had this problem? I opened my applications folder and the Address Book icon has been changed to a VISE installer icon. My bouncing AOL Instant Messenger icon in the dock changes to an OS 9 folder when I hover over it.

I'm using OS 10.3.8


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    silversilver Posts: 34member
    Happens to everyone, I guess. I have it all the time since Panther. Hope Tiger will fix this bug.

    The only thing you can do is a) reboot, or better b) reboot the Finder by force-quitting and relaunching it.
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    i've had a similiar experience recently where .xml documents had a folder icon and certain flash files had an icon that looked like some kind of "color static". a simple restart of the finder solved that though! running 10.3.6
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    it happens. Best way to fix it is by doing a disk permission repair

    applications-->utilities-->disk utility
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