Problem printing 6x4 borderless

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Well I finally retired my Epson 870 and got a HP PSC1315 which gives me copying and scanning facilities - useful.

It has the ability to do 6x4 borderless printing, but I"m darned if I can get it to fill up the entire 6" length - the 4" bit is fine. Even when croppped to 6x4

I've tried every which way - using the HP software (worse result than iPhoto) and every combination of settings I can think of.

Anyone got any clues? (iMac G5 with 10.3.8 and iLife 05 by the way!)


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    In the meantime since posting this I think I've found a work-round which if you too have been having diffidulty can try to see if it does it for you!

    1. Set up a new album (I call mine "Print")

    2. Duplicate after editing any photos you want to print, (I see no reason why other sizes would not work) and move them to that folder.

    3. Crop the duplicated photos to 6x4 and repeat the constrain.

    4. Follow the prinitng procedure File->Page setup (select borderless type) etc. then File->print etc.

    5. Admire the result!

    (Takes longer to type than to do!)
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