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i have powerbook 17 with panther and i'm having some problems lately. i've had this machine for a while and i never had problems in the past. one major problem is the loooong boot time. the booting till the part where it gets to desktop picture is fine but it stalls for 4-5 minutes, then starts loading the dock, menu, and start-up apps. also, lately i noticed my apps aren't as responsive as before. safari is slow as hell loading pages and noticed general slow down with other apps. i know it's not the internet connection because i get 30-120k download rate with azureus. and now the sound is having some hicups. i ran onyx several times in the past and i don't think i had these problems before onyx came along. any suggestions? what good maintenance apps are there, free or otherwise?

i'm loosing faith slowly, apple just isn't the company i had hoped to be. i'm just so frustrated with less-than-stellar products i bought from them, including ishuffle which had problems of its own and sent it in to get a replacement and this new unit isn't that much better either. when i spend my money on a product, i expect them to perform what they're suppose to do. it's not just keeping up. argh i hope they get their act together. anyway sorry for the rant.


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    How much free disk space do you have? The fuller the disk the slower it will go.

    Do you have any startup apps that could be slowing it down?

    Have you run Disk Repair?

    Is you background picture a default or a personal one thats 100MB?

    Do you have any peripherals attached (cept mouse/keyboard monitor)?

    Use Firefox as Safari is not so hot (ie shit). Set the firefox cache to about 2000KB. You don't need thousands of cached internet files.

    Do you automount a network drive?

    Any machine installed with just an operating system will run fine. Its only when you put apps on that it slows it down. This is even true for Microsoft. Its not a manufacturers problem you have apps that are poorly written!

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