What's the meaning of the Apple email?

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Apple's most recent email advert is asking me to buy a G5 iMac (among other things). I checked Apple Store and nothing is new about it, so this isn't a new product announcement, BUT...

What is the purpose of the email? To get rid of the current run of iMacs and make way for a upped model or simply to encourage mid-run iMac sales?

Like many, I am waiting for the next bump before buying.


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    zenatekzenatek Posts: 203member
    I also got this email was puzzled as I just purchased my 20 inch iMac... SPAMMERS
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    I'm right there with you, from receiving the email to checking the website to being confused.

    Also waiting for an upgrade before I buy, guess it was just a random advertisement.
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