Anonymizer program?

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everytime i enter a site with some nudity or porn, the (what do u call it.. Net provider?) blocks it.. i tried changing the proxy but it didn't work .. i tried using other sites to enter, that too didn't work .. i need a powerful program that will let me enter the sites without letting the Net provider know about it..

by Net provider I mean the internet company I'm using to join the net.



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    No program can ever do this. The only way of doing this would be to use a proxy service. You are looking for one that has some sort of tunnel to them. You do know that this is probably illegal in Kuwait, and there is probably a penalty? yes?

    *cringes at the comparison with the traditional muslim punishment for theft*
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    we have lots of customers in the Middle East.

    They way they get around banned content is to create a VPN dialup account.

    Thats the only way.

    Ask your ISP or some other users how to do this or what parameters they use...
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