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How do I link an animated GIF a (smiley) on my HD so that it shows up in my forum post? Thx for any help.


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    xdedxded Posts: 41member
    I have a bunch of animated GIF smileys. Some new ones I would like to include in some forums like this one.

    I have 10 mb of space through RCN but I can not figure out the correct ftp service to use to upload the files to that web space and how to use it???

    I downloaded RBrowserlite and think I enter the correct info and it says this error:

    cannot find class object for http?

    internal error could not validate document object?

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    xdedxded Posts: 41member
    OK I worked out the server ftp crap now how do I post it so the icon appears here and not just the link?
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    xdedxded Posts: 41member
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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
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    xdedxded Posts: 41member
    The vb codes were off. Took a minute lol...

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