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Does anyone have any recommendations for a mac compatible black and white photocopier ? I'm looking at the lower end of the market - maybe one of the home office mulitfunction devices that HP and Canon make.



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    denmarudenmaru Posts: 208member
    I´m using a HP PSC 1100, and I couldn´t be happier.

    Just make sure you delete most of the uneccessary stuff it installs (or even better, just plug it in and let OS X do the work - I deleted all the drivers on OS X to have more space).

    Oh, and you´ll also want to refill your cartridges, since new ones are ridiculously expensive.

    (Just don´t expect the scanning to work over AE)
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I've got an HP PSC 2100 and I am happy with it.

    Copying works perfectly. The only thing that seems to be a pain is scanning. OS X's Image Capture does not see the HP, so I have to use either the included HP software, which sucks, or VueScan, which I never liked even though I paid for it.

    99% of the time that I scan something, it is so I can fax it. It would be great if it could just "Scan to Fax" automatically, but it can't - also who knows what resolution to set a scanner at to produce a fax document?

    Faxing is great in OS X once you get the document scanned and take it into Photoshop to reduce the file size from multi-megabytes down to something more reasonable. Scanning at a low resolution doesn't seem to produce readable files.

    Tiger's faxing is going to be even better.
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