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has a lot of speculation on future Apple products...

PS see bottom right on 1st page of article - 6 pages in length!


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    formerlurkerformerlurker Posts: 2,686member
    article good.... thread not so good. a thread consisting of a very vague title, and just a link with zero commentary?

    DOOMED, I tell you, it's DOOMED.

    I think I hear groverat right around the corner..
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    Fun article. I especially enjoyed the opening graphs on MP3 player market share. I still think most people are wrong about what Apple will do with the iPod, but it's fun to see the guesses.

    I though Wosniak's comments about Apple not being so much opposed to video on the iPod, so much as they just haven't found a way to make it compelling. I tend to agree. A lot of people at work have bought video/mp3 payers and come to show me how much cooler they are than my iPod. Then, after a few weeks, I never see them use them or bring them to work.
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