Wallet with key ring

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Hi peoples, I am looking for a wallet that has a key ring on it.

So i can keep my money, and my keeps on one giant package, instead of having a thing of keys and a things of a wallet. I have one now from a place called "Steve's Pack Jerusalem," but they don't seem to be online anywhere and it is deteriorating.


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    i just use a caribeaner(unsure of spelling) not all in one place today... but i have a caribeaner for my keys and then my wallet for wallet stuff.. i just find it easier... but im looking for an acdc lanyard... they might ahve them at their concerts but i dunno where else to look:-\\ oh well....
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    thttht Posts: 4,074member
    My wife has one of these wallets with a key ring. I'm sure they are available at any wallet and purse kiosk in the mall.
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