iPod photo upgrade

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iPod software has been announced to work with the iPod camera connector announced at the beginning of the week.


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    What's New:

    In the settings menu there's a compilation option. This gives you a compilation list in the music section. Unlike iTunes though you still see the compilations in the album list.

    Transitions, the following transitions are present:



    Push across

    Push down

    Wipe across

    Wipe down

    Wipe from center

    You can also use the music your currently listening to as the background to your slide show. On The Go is also there (i think it was there before). I'm about to test to see whether shuffle works for music in a slide show. In the past it played music in order.

    Edit: It does not shuffle your playlist music but it works brilliantly when using the music you're currently playing. Transitions are beautiful and work straight away. I've never had my slide shows working properly. I just need to check that it still works after synching my contacts as that has caused a problem with sleeping the iPod in the past.
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