Answer to SATA Sudden Dismount problem

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I was going to post a question about this but instead I solved the problem myself.

here are some photos of my current setup.

Essentially, whenever I wrote to the drives before, the power would blink and the drives would unmount suddenly.

Now, using the PC's PSU, I've had no problems, other than the obvious noise problem and isore.

I plan to rig a PSU directly on top of the enclosure probably later today.

I'd recommend anyone with external drive problems to test the setup with a different PSU, ESPECIALLY if they got their enclosure from, as I did.

Instructions on how to rig a PC PSU for this task are pending.


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    slugheadslughead Posts: 1,169member
    as promised, here is how to "upgrade" your enclosure's PSU:


    I donno if I'll write up instructions, it'd be different for most enclosures.

    The main thing that people will have problems with is the "on" switch, which you basically take the "mobo" cable from the PSU, and ground out the GREEN wire.
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