Permissions issues preventing Syncing

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I consider myself a power user; but I'm stumped here.

I've tried about 5 different Sync/Backup applications, after doing searches on VT and Macupdate, to find one that will allow maintain project disks in sync between two computers on a local network.

The drives in question are in each computer NOT the System Drive, but a secondary volume. On both computers, the username is the same (dunno if that makes a difference), but the passwords are different. One is a G4, the other is a G5. I've tried running the sync from both computers and neither succeeds.

Every program I've tried comes up with permission errors on the other computer's project disk, or can't create a directory when it needs to, or can't delete files it needs to.

Is there something about my user/group setup that I need to alter in order to make this work? I've tried setting the permissions on the disks in both computers to read/write for "everyone" and even setting the "ignore permissions on this volume" flag.

I can't believe this is so difficult to do...


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    This may be a bit of overkill in your opinion, but I'll suggest it anyway.

    Instead of keeping things in sync with raw disk copies, have you thought about using a version control tool such as Subversion? I use CVS right now, as a *single* developer because it keeps me from shooting myself in the foot. I'm migrating to Subversion as soon as I finish the next major milestone, and have some breathing space. I find that having a solid repository-based system is critical when dealing with other developers, even on a semi-regular basis.

    Subversion isn't hard to set up, in fact there are several ready-to-go packages for MacOS X that make is a snap, and you can access it from the command line, from a few GUI tools, and it is understood by Xcode as well.

    Anyway, it makes keeping things 'in sync' a no-brainer, and you get constant logging of what was changed when, by whom, and for what reason. Oh, and no permissions problems.

    I use rsync for my syncing needs, but I'm not really syncing, I'm just backing up unidirectionally. And even then, if I were to change the same file on both systems, I'd be hosed - Subversion handles that fine in most cases.
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