I feel special...clamXav found a virus!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So I guess this would be my first Mac virus experience since the beginning of my home computing career (1997). Cake, anyone?

It was some sort of Worm.gibe in the junk email folder of my user account. THOSE BASTARDS!!! Let the beasts of Mordor feast upon their unholy flesh!!! Er, so I guess I should just trash the junk mbox file?


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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    You are not special (PC virus)

    http://[email protected]
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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    Hey, maybe this one is the "chosen one" since it managed to actually get through layers of detection scans on the ISP end, just to end up in a Mac. Maybe it has the "unbundled bit" that equalizes the Matrix? It could happen!
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    omegaomega Posts: 427member
    If it makes you happy!

    Randycat99 I bestow upon you a Mac virus. Be warned it will do nothing to your system, but if you so choose to send this file to your PC peers it may cause the downfall of thee known world!

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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I was on Newgrounds and it asked me to approve a Certificate that had expired, some kind of universal Verisign kind of thing. I wonder whether it would have downloaded me a Mac virus or just the PC one that happened to have a request that worked in Safari...
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