No more disk space?

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last week i had 2.64 GB of space left on my HD. (on a side note, this was also when i started having trouble with my internet).

then the other day, it said i was running out of space, so i checked to see how much was left, and there was 0KB of space! how did this happen?

today, i woke it up from sleep, and it warned me about low disk space, and it said there was 260 MB of space. i haven't added anything, except for maybe 2 albums that i've ripped to itunes. why would it suddenly have no space?


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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Use OmniDiskSweeper to see what's hoggin' space, then delete what you can.
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    If you open the Activity Monitor and look under Virtual Memory you'll be suprised at how much memory each program can use, hundreds of mb per program (ie safari has 400 mb). Programs require the virtual memory to work, and your not giving them enough room to work with. I would move data out of there to prevent any damage.
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    this is something i noticed before i upgraded my hard drive. it would often say 900 mb one day, then the next i'd have 93. i never had something as drastic as yours though... theres a certain amount of new files that are created via web browsing and simple tasks like that, but i don't think it could EVER take up 2 gigs. the disk space seemed most erratic on my system when i got below 400 or 500 megs. above that, it seemed stable, but below that, it jumped all around, i dunno why. my suggestion: look in the sunday ads for deals on internal hard drives. compusa and best buy often have great deals on 80, 120 and 160 gb drives. i got my 80 gig for 30 bucks. its cheap and easy, and if ur computer is doing random things like it is, i would suggest upgrading
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    mattjohndrowmattjohndrow Posts: 1,618member
    right now it's at a consistent 264.9 MB new hard drive, here i come. blech.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Reboot, and see how much you have. I've had 2-3GB of space eaten by VM. The 10.3 VM system doesn't free up disk space after grabbing it, even if the apps no longer need it, so the disk space consumed will be your all-time peak of VM use since the last reboot.
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    i have approx 2.5gb left on my hard disk, and over time it all gets used, so i do a reboot every day or so and it comes back. photoshop seems to be a culprit -- even with no windows open it still hogs disk space. as does virtual pc and office...
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