17" pb now that 10.2.4 is out?

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what are your thoughts now that 10.2.4 is out? do you think the pb 17s have been on hold due to this point release (i.e. needed for the backlit keyboard)... or are we waiting on parts (17" flat screens).. neither or both!


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    Since 10.2.4 was released Thursday on Software Update, you would think that Apple has had it ready for a few days. But then maybe not. I don't really know much about those things.

    Let's hope that they decided there was enough room in there for a second G4 and they are working on that.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I don't think that 10.2.4 was holding up the 17" TiBook. I also don't think we'll see them shipping at all for at least 2 more weeks (Feb. 28). Not only that, but I think we'll see a PR that they have begun to ship but they won't really ship in any major numbers for at least two weeks after that (Mid-March).

    After backorders are filled, I'd say we'll see them available in stores to buy in April.
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    what's your reasoning for that assumption!
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    I ordered mine on Friday Jan 10 and am number 14 on the waiting list at Mac Zones. I know Mac Zones ordered a ton of units, but they actually have few people on back order.

    I would hope I'm in the early shipment.

    I do wonder what is holding them up.

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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    I thought the 17" PBs at MacWorld had a build of 10.2.4 installed on them

    Either way i doubt that this minor OS update is delaying the 17"PBs
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    It's obvious what's delaying everything: that spiffed-up 17" screen -- used in the PBs AND iMacs -- big demand for both (with iMac price drops and the pure desirability of the 17" behemoth).
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    Actually I spoke with a reseller last Friday and he told me the hold up was a heat issue with the G4. He said the case was going thru a minor revision to allow better air flow to aid in cooling. He also hinted at the prospects of a better processor.

    Wish the specs for the SuperDrive would be changed back to 2X write. Like they were when I ordered.

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    we should have this thread moved to the 'future' section since nothing has actualy shipped and wont for some time to come!!!!!

    <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    I was thinking the same thing about moving the thread. At least my order is still *future*.

    I spoke with my contact again and he said they case revisions had been made and tested. That's what delayed them about 4 weeks. He said they were testing production runs now. In fact, he said that Apple was trying to up the processor speed to 1.25 Ghz. This he heard straight from Apple.

    Wish they could do something about the SuperDrive DVD write speed.

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