OS 9 Un-install and Cleaner Software

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I was looking for a few things in my Finder the other day and came to realization that I have never used OS 9 the entire three years I've owned my Mac.

Since I noticed that I could gain close to a gig or more of HD space, I wanted to ask you experts out there about proper deletion of this secondary operating system. I can always use the original install disk to re-load if needed. From what I see in the Finder window, there are three noticeable folders: Applications, Desktop, & System Folder all devoted to OS 9; can I just delete these three items and be done it? Or are there other folders/files lurking in other parts of the system?

Lastly, I want know what you guys recommend for a "cleaner" software that can help me rid the HD of unwanted items and possibly provide a slight performance boost in the process? For example, I deleted my Adium client awhile back, but I just noticed there are files related to the program that still show up; will a disk utility or other program searc these types of things out and help me delete them?

Thanks for your input and help.


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    Yes you can safely delete they System folder, Applications (Mac OS 9), Documents and Desktop folders. Check to make sure there aren't any Carbon programs in the applications folder that you have been using in X without noticing that they are in the OS 9 folder.

    I don't think it is worth the trouble to delete these orphan files. In most cases they are just going to be text files that don't take up much room and don't slow down your system. If you are concerned about privacy because you are getting rid of your computer then reformatting is the way to go.
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