New earthquake. Tsunami warning issued.

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Not much news yet,

bbc link.

Remember it's night in South-East Asia, people are probably scrambling for the hills. I konw I would.

Let's hope it's nothing...


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    Self Centered A**hole
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    well i am in south east asia, i'm not running for the hills because the city where i am (kuala lumpur) is 50miles or so inland, and this side of the Malaysian peninsula is actually 'protected' by the Sumatra land mass (look up a map and it will make sense)

    i agree that one of the posts above was somewhat insensitive.

    at this stage i don't think any actual tsunamis happened, the major tragedy is at an indonesian island populated by tens of thousands of people, which has been sadly badly hit by the earthquake, international aid teams are flying out there now...
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