DV Sync Problems.

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I just got back from my spring break in Los Angeles visiting my girlfriend, and shot about half an hour of video on a Canon ZR-65. Anyways, I tried to capture it in Final Cut Pro and it worked fine... However, when reviewing the video I realized it was out of sync. Her younger brother knocked the camera out of my hand once about 8 minutes into the tape, and I can capture up to that point just fine IF I cut it off before the camera drops. If I skip over that part and try to capture from about 20 seconds after the camera fell the whole clip is out of sync. It plays just fine on the camera even when it is capturing, but it won't capture right into the computer, and it is driving me crazy. Anyone know a way to fix it? I am assuming the time code got messed up of course when it dropped, but it still doesn't explain why I can't capture after it having the video and audio synced up. Thanks.


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    After trying over and over I finally got it to work right. I did change from DVCPRO to standard DV, but no clue why it still worked on the first part...
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