Epson R800 printer help!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm hoping the AI crowd can help me out with my new Epson R800 printer.

I bought the printer a couple of weeks ago, so my wife and I could print out at home pictures of our new baby boy (Arlo, born 4 weeks ago). I installed the drivers off the supplied CD (I also downloaded the latest set from the Epson website).

I then set-up the printer in print centre, picking Epson USB and selecting 'All' as the paper type (I had options to select 'roll feed' etc). All seems fine.

My problem is that when I print from iPhoto 5 to the R800 the prints are very dark. Consistently dark, and it makes me wonder if I have not set something up right?

From iPhoto I select print, and go to advanced options. I make sure I am using the correct paper stock (Premium photo glossy). I don't use colorsync (should I?) and then print.

Should I be using Photoshop to print with (I have version 7)?

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