HP puts iPod dock on top of media P.C.s

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014


To further promote its image as a multimedia machine, HP will ship its new Media Center m7000 Series PhotoSmart PC with a dock for Apple Computer iPod music players. The iPod dock, which sits on top of the PC, lets the player charge its batteries and synchronize with the PC. The company, which sells an HP-branded version of the iPod, will also ship a digital-camera dock with the m7000 PC, a company spokesperson said.

I know there were rumors that Apple was going to incorporate a dock with the Mini, however, it seems HP will be playing the role of guinea pig.

They didn't sell to many iPods last quarter (7% of all iPods shipped) and they had a dispute with Apple over price protection regarding the iPod. So either this was part of the original multi-year deal with HP, or HP really feels that the iPod is going to remain hot for some time.

It's about time they dumped that fugly blue - how god damned corporate can you get?

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