mounting an external HD on a server

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At my job we have an eMac as a server running OSX Server 10.3. We are starting to fill the hard drive up so I got an external firewire HD for us I am the admin and only about 5 people log on to the server. The people aren't so tech savy so i have everything we need to access in "Public" and everyone logs in as a guest. When I make files, I log on as guest as well so that there aren't any hassles with permissions. It mounted on the desktop, so I tried to drag an alias into the public folder, but it is not recognized by the guests. I made sure that the Ownership & Permissions were set to everybody on the drive, so i cant figure out why it wont show. Yes i could give everyone the admin password and just have them connect, but I'd like to avoid that.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



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    Have your shared the disk? It has to be shared separately to the existing one.

    You can't create an alias on an already shared disk to the new disk. (well you can create an alias but it won't work on the share)

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