Apple orders takedown of fan site ahead of new secret mobile device

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Note on from administrator Disko:

"AppleTalk? Trademark Violation

Early this morning at 1:00am (Adelaide time), I received a threatening email from Apple Computer. I have been told that is in violation of Apple Computer's "Trademark usage guidelines" and is at risk of "serious legal repercussions" if the issue is not rectified."

Disko must have then decided to go out in a blaze of glory and posted the following regarding an email he received from an anonomous whistleblower about Apple's next killer app:

"The sender of the email states the product to be an iPod with mobile phone capabilities. It will be called the "iChat phone" or "iPhone". The "iChat phone" holds 10GB of data, with a battery life of 18 hours. It connects via USB2. The source goes on to describe a new kind of control where the keypad acts as a scrollwheel type surface allowing you to browse normally through the device menus as well as typing in phone numbers with the keypad.

What has this got to do with the "AppleTalk?" Trademark? Apple appear to be launching a world wide voip service for their mobile phone which they are naming "AppleTalk". This network will allow users to speak to iChat/AIM buddies from their mobile at any time via a wireless data connection. It seems to be a take on the popular Skype service, but with an iPod rather than an application.

The source did not mention pricing or a release date.

More can be read in a forum thread here."

Read the whole article:


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