Shutting down Adobe Reader nags?

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I just downloaded the latest Adobe Reader update, and while I do need the extra features of Reader over those of Preview sometimes, I absolutely hate the nag-ware aspect of Reader. There's this box in the upper right corner that changes colors and nags at me to buy stuff, and I've gone through preferences at least five times without finding an option to turn this crap off. I looked in the package for the nag resources, but I couldn't find those either.

Does anyone know how to turn this freakin' thing off? It's either turn off the nagging, or wipe this crapware from my HD. I'm leaning towards the latter but maybe there's an easy fix I'm overlooking.



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    Am I the only one bothered by Adobe's nagging?
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    vox barbaravox barbara Posts: 2,021member

    Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg


    Am I the only one bothered by Adobe's nagging?

    Not exactly.

    I generally dislike Adobe apps. Come on, such an ugly UI,

    such a windowish design.

    Adobe Apps today generally look like bad Mac Ports from Windows.

    And behave like that. Since i have no need for all these

    advanced "A. Reader" features, i simply haven't installed

    it yet. Preview does a good job for me.

    Regarding Photoshop CS1. NO OPENING A FILE WITH A SINGLE

    DOUBLE-CLICK. WTF! And this whole "File Browser Thing" within PS

    bothers me so much.

    PS CS1 was the last time i cracked money on an Adobe App.

    Adobe once grew up with Apple, and now Adobe dances the

    huddle muddle F**K with them.
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    In Reader 6.0, at least: Preferences->Startup->Show Messages and automatically update. Nice that they jammed those two features together.

    (Note to self: never use this build of Camino to post here again. The horror? the horror?)
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    Vox, good description of Adobe apps, as bad Windows ports. I wouldn't use Adobe Reader, except that I've got a few PDF files that Preview chokes on, including a PDF of Pogue's OS X Panther Missing Manual (no I'm not buying this one with Tiger coming out in a few weeks). Adobe Reader just gives me a few errors and displays the corrupted PDF, and the corruptions are minor, such as missing photos. Also sometimes I just need a feature Preview lacks.

    You know the one thing that pisses me off about Preview (and Safari)? It won't do page numbers. There's nothing like printing out a 20 page FAQ and getting the pages mixed up because Apple is too stingy to add an option for page numbers. I guess Page Numbers are just too 80s for Apple.
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