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I hope this is a simple question.

Do the Grab (screen snapshot) key-combination commands (Command-Z and Shift-Command-A) only work when the Grab utility is actually running?

If so, how come I hear the alert sound when I press the keys, or is it just telling me that I've pressed a wrong combination?

Also if so, why would anyone choose to use Grab when you can stick with the good old universal Command-Shift-3/Command-Shift-4 combinations? There must be some advantage(s), but at this point (and after consulting a heap of manuals) I'm blowed if I can see any.

PS - I'm running an iBook on OS X.1.2.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.



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    Command Z is undo. Shift command A varies but the only time I use it is to "select all".

    I think you have the commands wrong. stick with command shift 3/4.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, and it would explain why nothing happens when I try those key combos from outside the Grab program. I got my information on them from The Robin Williams Mac OS Book, which says (quote):

    "To use Grab:...

    2. To capture the entire screen, press Command Z.

    To capture a selected portion of the screen, press Command Shift A."

    However, I certainly take your point about using the old key combinations.

    Thanks again.

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    Grab must be running for Command-Z and Command-Shift-A to capture the screen. Command-Z gets the whole screen and the other a section that you drag over. There are also timed screen Command-Shift-Z and Window Command-Shift-W options.

    Grab brings the captured portion to the front and allows you to print it or save it where you wish, with a precise name and location rather than the generic Picture# on the desktop that you get with Command-Shift 3/4. There is also an inspector that gives size and bit-depth.

    The advantages are mostly organizational.
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    Thank you - that answers all my questions perfectly.

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