iChat Tiger - Jabber support?

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I remember reading an AI article on this a little while ago; is it still included in Tiger's iChat?


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    danmacmandanmacman Posts: 773member
    I don't know about that, but why the hell can you still not post any kind of user profile in iChat? I hate this oversight and is one major reason why i dont use the program.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Exactly. Who cares. Let's get AIM working correctly first. iChat is a great idea that really sucks. It could blow all other IM clients away. And it does, with the ease of video, and the coolness factor in UI. But AIM features are buggy and some things are unsupported. If it is officially AOL supported then it should work a hell of a lot better than it does. It, and the official Mac AIM X client from AOL suck balls and still have not caught up to freakin Windows AIM 5. And Windows AIM 5.5 added a lot of new stuff. If you want jabber use Adium.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member
    iChat Tiger will have Jabber support.

    One piece of evidence of this is that Tiger Server will feature an iChat server, that is based off Jabber, thus iChat needs to be able to support Jabber.
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    sawtoothsawtooth Posts: 28member
    Jabber = MSN /ICQ/ Yahoo support through Jabber gateway
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    Originally posted by sawtooth

    Jabber = MSN /ICQ/ Yahoo support through Jabber gateway

    However, does anyone know if this equals advanced MSN features (e.g. user avatars, window open/close notification, etc)?
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    plus, Tiger ichatAV has real group support! VERY late to the party, but i'm glad they've made it at last.

    big improvements they (still) need to implement is tabbed browsing support, Get/Share file support, and a minimalist buddy window theme that can float above other windows(or put a buddy list in dashboard?)
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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    Tiger iChat v3.0 allows you to set a profile. Yet up until 8A425, which I have not installed yet, the profile did not support basic html ie you couldn't add a link directly to another website. Even AIM for Mac OS X allows you to add a direct link in there using the <a href> tag but iChat doesn't....

    And when you are setting up iChat v3.0 it asks for your Jabber account so yes it supports Jabber.
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