UK Education Pricing Discounts?

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I'm considering buying a PowerMac plus cinema display, once the new PowerMacs are announced (don't need one urgently so can wait a little).

However I was wondering if the Further Education discount was much more than the standard Education discount.

I'm in the luxurious position of being able to get either the Education discount, or a staff discount through a company I work for. These work out to be much the same, between 7 and 12% discount, usually around 9%.

However, the criteria for the Further Education discount seems to be more stringent, so I wondered if this was because the discounts were better.

I could potentially use the FE discount, but it would be slightly more hassle, however it would be worth doing were the discounts better.

Can anyone tell me if the FE discounts are better than the normal Education ones?




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    I'm not sure about the FE discount (don't you have to ring up for it?) but Apple has a store affiliated with NUS which has bigger discounts than the normal education store. I ordered my PowerBook from the store and I wasn't checked out in any way (as far as I know).

    For reference my 15" PB w/ 128mb VRAM cost £1416.92 on the NUS store, £1,517.07 on the normal education store and £1,649.00 on the normal store.

    Apple NUS Store
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    Hi, for the UK, apple has the following educational stores:

    Further Education (college level). You can access the store by simply typing in a college name and location.

    Higher Education (university level). You can again access the store by typing in the uni name and location BUT you only get access if your ip address is a univeristy one (eg. I can't access the HE store from home but i can from a uni machine at the uni).

    Prices are cheaper for the FE store but even cheaper for the HE store.

    Here's an example as of 28th April for the NEW PowerMac dual 2GhZ:

    regular apple store: £1349.01

    further education store: £1240.80

    higher education store: £1159.73

    So, it is worth the hassle to get the HE discount...


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