Is there a way to lookup computer name from IP Address?

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After a brief power outage this morning, I was checking the IP addresses on my home's local network following a DHCP IP address conflict when I rebooted my iMac and found an IP address in DHCP use that I couldn't identify. I got the MAC address, but can't find anything more meaningful to identify the device the Ethernet card is in. I've rebooted the DSL Router a couple of times, and the address remains in use after each reboot. I've also successfully pinged the address, so I know it's live.

We have a number of hardwired computers, AirPort base stations (configured as bridges, not DHCP servers), and print servers on the network and I thought I had accounted for all of them (some have multiple Ethernet ports in use). I've been wondering if someone outside my home has glommed onto my wireless network, even though I have IP access controls in use in my base stations (I've listed the short list of MAC addresses that the base stations are supposed to accept in the appropriate table in the AirPort Admin Utility).

Is there a terminal command that will identify something more than the MAC address if I enter the IP address in the command line? I'm just looking for any commands that will help me to identify what kind of device is using that address. For example, <Unix Command>


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Not unless it's already entered in a DNS table somewhere.

    You could try powering down each device in turn until you find it.
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    dave marshdave marsh Posts: 300member
    That's what I did. It was my Slim Squeezebox network music player.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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