.Mac webmail sucks

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WTF is up with .Mac webmail?

It has just about no new features since YEARS and now with Gmail burning bridges, its not looking any better!

Even hotmail has ways to REPORT spam and such.

The search is horrible

No option to save addresses you receive or send to that are not in your address book,

The login page is one of the slowest loading pages ever... EVER. Their https server must be underpowered like hell.

What it does have going for it is free aliases.

Then again, we pay for it.

Why can't I see how much space I'm using in the front page instead of clicking on the "Folders" icon (btw, that makes NO sense).

.Mac webmail has remained as it was 3 years ago.

Have their .Mac web monkeys been fired or something???

I'd expect a bit more from a friggen 99$/year service. actually, thats 99euros = 130usd... bastards.


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    Originally posted by ZO

    ...Then again, we pay for it....

    Well only some of us.

    Could it be they are so feature lacking they are sand-bagging for Tiger?

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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I've always been kind of disappointed with .Mac and Apple's seemingly lax interest in promoting or improving it. For $99 a year, you'd think Apple would take more interest in making it an awesome service and pushing it to everyone.

    But my general impression is that Apple kind of takes a "eh, if they subscribe, great; but if not, oh well" kind of view. Oh sure, they upped the iDisk space a little while back, but it wasn't even as much as they should have.

    Here's hoping Apple takes more interest in .Mac with the release of Tiger. Goodness knows if Apple doesn't seem to care about their own product, their customers won't.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    the only real reason I keep and use .Mac is because of iSync and Backup. Its been immesurably useful for me

    for the mail, they should just license from Gmail and put a mac feel to it. Done. If they're not gonna care for it, give it to someone that knows how to do stuff well
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