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I'm upgrading out server @ work and I just wanted to check with you guys on something, We have about 15-20 users, and are going to be using it mainly as a file server, now contact/uptodate server, and iTunes server, and possibly in the future light FTP use. The single 2ghz with a gig of ram should be more than enough for my needs correct? I would like the dual but I think for the cost it's probably overkill in my situation. Although we seem to be expanding lately (more users) so I need to it keep up. Thoughts?



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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    2GB ram and a 2Ghz cpu should be fine.

    Will you use the internal disks or add an XRaid?

    We have a Dual 1.33 2GBRam XServe with XRaid and about 100 users, FTP, printserver, Apache, Tomcat and 5 Java apps running. The XRaid is 98%full and it still runs sweet.

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    Internal disks, 80GB and a 400GB.

    2GB ram sounds like a good idea.
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    dobbydobby Posts: 794member
    We even used 3rd party ram on this server. Got 2GB for less than the price of 1GB Apple. I've done this in about 12 of our XServes now and had no problems.

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    chopper3chopper3 Posts: 293member
    2Gb will be fine for what you discuss, you might want to have a very long think about if you need that second processor, I would also pop 2 drives in of whatever capacity you think you might need and mirror them
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