Screw computers, the future is devices

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Frankly if Apple followed the advice of the 'soi disant' experts around here, and focused on nothing but computers, they'd make an amusing footnote to history ten years from now.

The future is in devices. Do not beat yourself up over GHz chips and such, because they are yesterday's news.

Think about devices, and the software that goes with them. Think about taking computing and data on the raod, and using them as a natural extension of yourself.

Screw G5 whine-whine and 1.6 GHz moan-moan-moan. Those are Intel strategies. Even Microsoft, the guys who always get the trend last, are over desktop and laptop cpus. Part of the reason they can settle the Windows anti-trust is because they don't really give a hoot. They are moving to the next generation world, and all of you Apple back benchers around here are missing the boat.

Think different, you fools.


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    Steve Jobs said in early 2000 that the vision of Apple Computer was to enter the age of the digital lifestyle where the PC becomes the hub of your digital life. He said that the Apple iApps would add tremendous value to the digital devices out there and that the PC would be the missing link between the two. At the point of the digital hub strategy embracement Apple looked like this:




    Jobs said that Apple realized that the iApps were important after the success of iMovie. Once Apple realized what the possibilities could be and that Apple could manipulate this strategy really well because they controll both software and hardware, they decided to do iDevices. Jobs said that these iApps are really nice and that the third party devices are pretty good but that the third party devices did not know how to take advantage of the full pontential of the iApps. Once Apple realized that the solution was to make their own iDevices the digital hub could be fully manipulated directly by themselves and they would not have to wait for 3rd parties to make a good product (if ever). The iDevice offering currently looks like this:




    The MWSF expo should unveil a new iApp for consumer picture editing, most likely being called iPhoto. Apple will most likely release new idevices too.

    Drawing a conclusoin from all of this we can expect new Hubs or Mac speed bumps..etc..whatever.

    What we really want is new iApps and iDevices to take advantage of these Hubs (a good iApp makes selling a PC a hundred times easier than a 100 mhz speed bump).

    My total BS and speculation.

    iMovie-iPlayer (portable hard drive based editing station and dv camera with hook up to tv for large viewing area.)


    iDVD-iPlayer coinsides with iPlayer.

    iNewton or iWalk- PDA like functionality with a "knowledge" of iApps. Acts as a organizer for all iApp and iDevice information.


    Let Apple Be Apple.


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    I'm not trying to flame you, but why would you use your "iPlayer" instead of your mac to edit and display movies? I edit movies on my Mac, and if i want to watch them on my TV, i can just export them back to the camera, and hook it up that way. Why would I pay apple some insane amount of money to do what i already can for free now?


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    iPlayer is a DV camera with the right ports to display images and movies on anything anywhere.

    Just an idea.

    Computers are not going anywhere because they can run complex tasks and have large screens and they run Applications. Devices are value adding pieces to the PC puzzle.
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    I posted that so people would post in your thread, thereby not having 2 threads about the same thing, saving bandwith...

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