20" Studio display in OS9

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I need to buy 2 new Powermacs but the guys they're for aren't ready to switch to OSX yet (they still long for the days of Mac OS 8).

I want to get 20" studio displays, and buy a couple of last years dual 1.25's which still boot into 9.

Apple says the screens are OSX only.

Does anyone know different?

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    There's an article in this months MacUser magazine (UK) that says the new 20" display can be used in OS 9, with a few minor complications:

    Apple claims the 20in Cinema Display will only work with OS X (and OS X 10.2, at that) and many threads have been devoted to this on the Internet. In our tests, though, the monitor behaved impeccably when booted in Mac OS 9.2 running on a dual 450MHz Power Mac G4 - itself hardly the most recent of Macs. The only noticeable drawbacks were that some of the non-optimal resolutions were a little dodgy, with 1344 x 840 pixels in particular producing ugly mismatches, and the fact that the buttons on the front didn't behave as expected. The left button had no effect at all, while the right one shut down the Mac instantly, as if the power cord had been yanked.

    If you're buying a complete system from scratch, the chances are that the issue of OS 9 compatibility won't affect you, since none of the new Macs is capable of booting into OS 9. (There is, of course, no problem running applications in Classic mode.) But if you have an older Mac, it may be worth checking whether it will support the resolution and aspect ratio of the Cinema Display - the worst case is likely to be that you have to upgrade to OS 9.2 for the display to be recognised. However, it's important to ensure that your video card is up to the job: the Rage Pro 128 card we originally tested on the OS 9 Mac failed to produce a picture of any kind, and Apple recommends a minimum specification of an Nvidia GeForce2 MX card.

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    [quote]Originally posted by RodUK:

    <strong>... and many threads have been devoted to this on the Internet. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    anyone seen these threads?
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