a new kind of Hotline/Carracho/KDX/Wired client

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Pretext: The last time I programmed was in Logo. And I don't think that can really be considered programming. So, thats how I stand in the development world.

Nonetheless, I had an idea.

Hotline is dead. Carracho is still ok but it needs to be massively re-fit. Wired is taking over where Carracho left off. KDX is.. a bit too over the top but good app nonetheless.

Having said that, P2P and Bittorrent have made a huge dent in these types of communities (I used spend entire months in Hotline communities, uh, exchanging ideas).

Carracho and such are nice because you have a huge amount of control over everything. Who can and cannot download, how much, what, etc.

But, its still based on old "ftp" type ideas.

To make a long thing short, I envision a Carracho/Hotline type Client/Server app BUT that use a Bittorrent file transfer. So, when you have lots of friends downloading from your server, they will also be sending whatever they have downloaded to anyone else downloading the files, just like BT does now.

Nothing ground braking, but with all the security concerns there are of downloading torrents from public websites, I think this is just about the only way to ensure that you remain anonymous to transfer whatever files you want quickly.

Wired could be used as a foundation, offers lots of possibility, etc http://www.zankasoftware.com/wired/

Anyone have any suggestions how I can get this off the ground? Anyone care to shoot it down as a bad idea because of something I didn't think about?



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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Would be awesome! Carracho development is...glacial. And Hotline...oh well it was fun in the 90s.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    actually went to the Wired forums and there was someone that had the same idea, just a day or so ago. Funny

    Anyway, looks to me that the only place one can do this is there. Wired appears to be the way to go
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