GeForce 4MX vs Radeon 9000

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I have recently ordered a new Power Mac dual 1.25 box from the apple store and I chose to get it with the Nvidia GeForce4 MX card (saved me £100 on the price) instead of the standard Radeon 9000, looked at some benchmarks of the PC versions and the difference in performance seems to be marginal.

What do you all think of that?

I won't really use the machine for gaming - I mainly use it for pro Audio work so would I notice a difference in any normal use compared to the Radeon?

The annoying thing is that apple don't say whether their GF 4MX are 440 or 420 or perhaps 460... doe's anyone out there have a clue as to exactly what chip is used in the apple GF4?


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    If you aren't doing 3D stuff you probably won't notice. The GeForce 4 MX isn't a bad video card, it's just lacks a few features (mostly irrelavant to people not into 3D; the major GeForce 4 part in the MX is the memory architecture: it doesn't have the geometry setup/post render pixel operators that the full GeForce 4 or the Radeon 9x00s do).

    It's a good way of saving £100.

    IMHO, Apple's video card upgrade prices are excessive, especially as the GeForce 4 MX and Radeon 9000 cost about £100 each in a retail box to the consumer in the PC market.

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