Fans inside the latest MDD PowerMacs

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Does anybody know what these new fans are? I've read that they are still Deltas, but what are the models number on the power supply fans and cpu fan?

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    After looking around for a while, I found out that they are Nidec TA225DC fans. However there are about a dozen different models of TA225DC. Anyone have any further info on the specific 'model of this model'?
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    I think it really depends. The Power Supply fans have been Nidecs, but the 120 mm fan is probably still a Delta. The 120 mm fan in my QuickSilver 2002 is an NMB while the 60 mm fan on the heatsink was a Sunon.

    Both of them had thermistors on them, but they didn't seem to do anything.
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    The previous MDD PMs with the noise problems had Deltas in the PS. I believe that the CPU fan remains the same in the FW800 PMs. Now if I can just get the rest of the Nimdec model #.
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