Where Can I Buy ATI radeon 9000 Pro In UK?

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MacUser has a good review for the ATI radeon 9000 Pro Mac Edition and says that it is only 135 pounds including VAT.

Anyone no where I can get this in the UK?

If not, how about the States? <img src="embarrassed.gif" border="0">


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    <a href="http://www.cwonline.co.uk/details.tpl?cart=3255072828152600&db=^cw/databases/database.db&sku=2110126&link=subcategories&section =Hardware&max=25&startat=1&eqcategorydatarq=%5Bsel ectedcategory%5D&eqsubcategorydatarq=Video%20Cards &selectedcategory=[selectedcategory" target="_blank">&nocache=209765]Computer Warehouse</a>have them but it ain't £135 I'm afraid. I'm looking for one too, I could use the extra RAM for running 2 QE accelerated displays.

    Link works but the square brackets they use to pull the page from the DB make it look funny

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    £119 ex VAT, in stock as well.

    I was wondering about this card, would it be worth fitting in my Dual 533 with 2xAGP ?
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    How do you post a link ? I tried the URL button and then pasted the address but it is not active, if someone wants to a help me improve my posting skills they're very welcome to.
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    (URL=http://your.url/)Your Text(/URL)

    replace ( and ) with [ and ]

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    <a href="http://www.jigsaw24.com/"; target="_blank">homepage</a>

    Bob is your uncle Lix, thanks very much for that, I don't know why the brackets were curvy before, but who cares,now I can post URLs with the best of them. I hope you find the link helpful, just type in radeon 9000 into the search box if it's a pain to navigate. Any ideas as to whether i would benefit with my lowly 2xAGP?

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