HP psc 2210 and scanning

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I am going to be ordering a HP psc 2210 this week. I am just curious, is the scanning software that comes with the HP psc 2210 good or should I be looking at other scanning software? If I should be looking elseware for scanning software, are there any recommendations?


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    I have a psc 2110 and now that they finally released working osx software it works fine. I usually twain scan in photoshop but using the regular hp scan software has worked just fine.

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    vaultingat, I also downloaded the latest driver and software. Wonder why it is not working for me. Are you doing anything specific? Also, what is your limit for dpi. In other words, can you go above 1200 X 1200. I would be interested in knowing.
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