Time to rant about "IT" people again

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Like many, I hate the IT department that supports the WinDell computer I use at work. Here's the latest stupidity.

So, I like to duplex print. Saves paper, saves room in file cabinets, saves weight I have to carry.

None of the print drivers on any of the computers are set up for duplex printing. After hitting a half dozen computers that can't print duplex I send a message off to our head of IT in my department. He's new, he's a nice guy, we don't hate him yet.

So he says, "Yea you're right I'll ask around". I get an email back form him. The other people at IT tell him that the default printer drivers they install don't duplex. You have to call and ask them to install the duplex print driver for each and every computer.

Why? If they install the non-duplex driver then they don't have to worry if the printer is duplexing or not. The insane part is that they installed the printer. They installed the computer. They installed the operating system and the print drivers. But they don't know which printers can duplex and which can't. The final fork in it that all of our printers duplex. We don't have a single printer that does not duplex.

Makes me want to shoot someone.

Oh and before you ask, admin rights are locked out. I can't upgrade the driver myself. Last time asked for a new driver ... all print drivers were deleted, then I had to spend hours on the phone to get them back, which never happened anyway. It took weeks to get the drivers back.

I'm so gald we are on one standard OS. Everything is easy now.


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    midwintermidwinter Posts: 10,060member
    I had the IT guys here install Wordpress so I could make handouts and syllabi and teaching materials available to the 53 adjunct instructors I supervise. Worked great.

    Then the IT guy lost mySQL. That's what he said.

    So we installed it again on a new installation of mySQL.

    Which is lost the password to.

    In short, I feel your pain.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,227member
    Sheesh that's insane. Task the new grunt with diagramming which printers are duplexers.

    Pretty dumb that duplexing requires another driver..must be HPs LOL...just kidding I like HP printers.
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    We have some Lexmark (rebraned as Dell) printers that have duplexing and I just enable it by default. I can't imagine why it's not enabled by default because they actually paid more for duplexers.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    How about this. We have this treatment control/record and verify (R&V) system that we use to treat patients with radiation. It uses Sybase. The very crappy "enterprise wide scheduling" (EWS) system the hospital forced on us uses Sybase.

    When they installed the EWS system they didn't realize it glommed the Sybase data in the registry for the R&V and broke the connection the R&V system. They had it all fixed before I got into work but ... it's like keystone cops. But we still can't use the two on the same computer at the same time.

    All from a group that claims superior expertise over the computers. They lock us out because we might screw it up

    Then there was the notebook that we dropped off with them to get the "core image" installed on it. The only Windows install/config they allow on the network. After 6 weeks we just took the thing back because they said they didn't have time to get to it.

    Should I go on?
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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    i worked in greenpeace australia for about a year as web administrator. they had a separate 2-3 person IT team with one main IT guru handle all the networking stuff.

    our webhosting was external, so mostly i had to deal with IT was for setting up wintels for the 2-3 web team computers to do macromedia, etc.. etc..

    so in the first few months on the job i basically utterly destroyed my relationship with said IT guru, because i ended up just taking over upgrading from win98-to-win2000 and setting up all the macromedia and adobe software, etc. etc. for the web team computers. had to do a fresh reinstall on one or two computers because a web volunteer that came in accidentally deleted a system folder or something like that while trying to get somethign or other to work

    something i'm proud of as part of my contribution to the environment movement, but i wonder if i could have gone about it with less attrition with the IT guru dude... he did know his stuff but i was really 'gung-ho' as it were, you know, being new on the job and all fired up to save the world and stuff.

    *know where did i leave my SUV keys... bwah ha ha ha*

    nah just kidding i don't have an SUV

    anyway where i am living right now you can't get a hybrid car even if you went down on some high ranking government official
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    With Hybrids looking like this;

    I think I'll be passing on them for a while, it's like manufactures want them to fail. Of course I would think that way since I'm driving a M3.
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