Flashing ATI Firmware

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I have an OEM 9800 Pro and Doom 3 frequently freezes. I read reports for PCs the updating their ATI card's firmware fixed some problems.

Sure enough, on ATI and Apple's site they list oct2004-radeon-universal-rom-update.dmg, and it appears that it will flash my card.

But after running the application there is no indicator that it really did anything. Same stats in ATI Displays and Doom keeps on freezing.

Here's my stats from ATI Displays:

Card#: 109-A14400-00

Card Model: ATY,R350

Vendor ID: $1002 (4098)

ROM Name: ATY,Rocket_A


FCode Version: 1.90

NDRV Version: 1.0.1f41

VRAM Size: 128 MB

I have a rev A Dual G5 2GHz with OEM 9800 Pro graphics card. Latest OS and all that. I also installed this Jan 05 driver update for post 10.3.6. Note sure what it did.

Maybe my card isn't supported after all. I don't want to run out and buy a new card that doesn't work with my Apple Cinema Display with ADC just to keep Doom 3 from crashing.

Anyone have good luck flashing this card?


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    Do you think my main display must be another card if I want to flash my primary card?
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