Pith Helmut won't work with Safari 1.3 (10.3.9 OSX)

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It seems that PithHelmut won't work with the new version of Safari. Anyone know how to fix this?

I just did the 10.3.9 update and it won't load the plug-in....

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    Try this: Linky

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    I'm not sure this helps me. I downloaded and installed it and Safari still won't accept it.

    ???? Suggestions????
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    I think he's referring to one of the comments posted there where some guy talks about how to fix it.

    Temporary solution while (I'm sure) the developer updates it:

    + Find the "PithHelmet.bundle" file -- probably in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins

    + ctrl-click on the "PithHelmet.bundle" file, and select "Show Package Contents"

    + Inside the "Contents" folder, double-click the "Info.plist" file. It should launch the "Property List Editor" app.

    + Expand "Root", then expand "SIMBLTargetApplications", then expand "0".

    + Double-click the number ABOVE 125 (MaxBundleVersion) and change it to 312.

    + Save and quit the editor.

    + Relaunch Safari -- done!

    NOTE: Backup "PithHelmet.bundle" before doing this hack. (4/15/2005, Version: 2.2)

    When I tried it, it didn't work. But then again it was version 0.75 that I used.
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    The new Java fix worked and Pith Helumt is up and running!

    I also communicated by email with Mike Solomon. He was very helpful.
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