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I have an iMac 17" flat panel and I would like to add the apple internal bluetooth adapter. Is this something a retail service center or compusa type place can add?

I already have filled the USB port limit with my camera, speakers and printer. Since my desk is already cluttered enough, I would rather not have to buy a hub or something.

If I do have to buy an external adapter, I would like to buy a Bluethooth Class 1 adapter with the 100 Meter range.

Any suggestions on the internal or the class 1 adapter?


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    proxyproxy Posts: 232member
    I think you'll have to buy that USB adaptor and hub.

    There was quite a bit of dicussion when the G5 iMac came out as to whether you could buy and fit the internal BT module. The answer seems to be no as it's part of the logic (mother) board.
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