What's this stuff in my iTunes folder???

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Just curious about a few things in my iTunes folder and wondering if somebody can tell me what they are and if they are essential.

I've got iTunes 4.7.1 with about 2100 songs, in my music folder (labeled "iTunes") I have the following files and folders:

iTunes music folder - yeah, I know, where all my files are kept

iTunessupport - is this where all of the help files are located???

now here's what I really wanna know - I have 3 iTunes music database files (iTunes 3 Music Library, iTunes 4 Music Library and iTunes 4 Music Library (old)) - what is the purpose of these files, and can I get rid of the iTunes 3 and iTunes 4 (old) database files?

There is also an iTunes Music Library.xml file. What is this thing and can I trash it??

Thanks for the help!!!


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    The "iTunes # Music Library" just keeps track of all the song that you have, your setting and things. I'm not sure why you have three different ones. My guess is that you can delete the other 2 versions. They are probably remnants from when you have those versions of iTunes installed.

    The xml file keeps all your playlists, your song ratings, and stuff like that. If you wanted to transfer your music collection to another computer, you might want to keep this file.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    You just need the two following files:

    iTunes 4 Music Library

    iTunes Music Library.xml

    Unless you have any 3rd party apps that need the other data, the version 3 library and stuff is useless. You can alos verify this by looking at the "Modification Date". It probably hasnt been used since you started using iTunes 4
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