Poor presentations @ Apple store workshops

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I decided to stop and listen to a workshop on iMovieHD last Friday as I just bought a camcorder. I guess from my previous trips to the Apple store where I would casually listening to workshops while browsing I had rather high expectations.

This workshop was horrible. It was presented by a girl who couldn't have been over 18 and although I could tell she had put some effort into preparing for it, she didn't really seem to care. Her final movie wasn't very good because she insisted on applying transitions to 1.5 second long clips.

I wanted to stay for the iDVD workshop but was turned off by the first workshop. I'm hoping it was just her and that most others present a nicer workshop.

For those of you who have been to a couple of these workshops....was the experience any helpful?


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    Hi FireDancer, in which store did this take place? Did you give any feedback to the staff there? What does her being a girl have to do with it, or her age? If the workshop was useless you should have said so. At the London store I have only seen an iPhoto workshop which I soon realised was aimed at those unfamiliar with the software, not power-tips or whatever they're called. There wasn't much in it for me though it would have been helpful for a newbie.
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    What does her being a girl have to do with it, or her age?

    Nothing....she simply was a girl who couldn't have been over 18 It was simply a discription of the person presenting the workshop.... Just as easily could have been a man over 75.

    I didn't leave any feed back....she seemed like a very nice person and for all I know it could have been her second day....the point of my post was to get a sense of how well the workshops are presented on average.
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